Potential job candidates are the primary focus of the LBE® agency’s Recruitment Services.

We are there to work hand-in-hand with you during each step of the recruitment process, including right up until the end of your probation period as we help you successfully integrate into your new position.

Throughout your career, we are always there to listen, offer advice, and guide you with an expert combination of both care and professionalism.

We are well aware that the most precious treasure we have to offer is the genuine, constructive and human interaction we have with our clients, which is based on trust, transparency and honesty.


Our profession calls for absolute confidentiality when it comes to any and all information that job candidates entrust to us.

As such, the LBE® agency is committed to respecting and protecting the private lives of job candidates and their personal information. To do so, we follow all legal obligations as well as our own strict Code of Ethics.

All information supplied to us by job candidates, whether written or oral, is kept in the strictest confidence.

Contact details, CVs and payroll information remain confidential until such time as the job candidate wishes to have this information conveyed to a potential future employer.


A Code of Ethics that protects job candidates

Our Code of Ethics for job candidates focuses on the respectful, caring and professional management of each job application, whether it be unsolicited or in response to one of our posted job offers.


An ideal welcome

We guarantee that our job candidates will be treated with dignity and encouraged in their quest.

Our goal is to help them evolve and meet their professional objectives in the best conditions possible, thanks to a collaboration based on respect, honesty, transparency and caring.

We promise high quality, accurate and regular monitoring so that our clients never feel abandoned or alone.


Your job search is OUR mission

We manage your search for employment as the promising project that it is.

This means that we work together with you, hand-in-hand, to carry this project out to perfection, without leaving anything to chance.

This entails first analysing your skills, learning to highlight your best assets, and advising you on your image and communication skills. We then work with you throughout the entirety of the application process until the completion of your probation period.


Send us your career portfolio

Please feel free to send your career portfolio via our ONLINE FORM :

  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • A Cover Letter

You are not under any sort of obligation to base these documents on the standard models.

If you wish to be creative, classic or innovative in your way of presenting yourself, feel free to do so, as long as you always remain both honest and direct.

Please be sure to judiciously describe your career path, your skills and your areas of expertise.

1. How are you different from the other recruitment agencies ?

The answer is simple: “Our added value lies in our combined human and operational approach”.

We have opted for a winning strategy that guarantees not only satisfactory results in terms of the recruitment goals set by our clients, but also includes close monitoring and guidance in the long term, both for companies recruiting employees as well as for job applicants.

In fact, we believe that working in the recruitment industry should go far beyond charging employers for selecting CVs to be included on a shortlist*, especially since there are so many easily accessible online databases out there overflowing with potential job candidates.

To the contrary, the one aspect of our work that we consider to be the most crucial, and which we consider to be our absolute priority, is the human element.

By putting this at the centre of our thought process and actions, we naturally engage in a quality relationship dynamic built around the final goal: the best job match possible, both for the company and the candidate.

* Shortlist: Once an initial list of job candidates has been established, a first selection is made following a detailed analysis of their CVs and cover letters which results in a narrower list of potential candidates called a shortlist.

We invite all potential job candidates who have other questions about our Recruitment services to please feel free to contact us !