We offer our Professional Coaching services to both Businesses and Public Bodies.

The LBE® agency guides managers, executives, directors and teams as they brainstorm and research different ways to improve their efficiency, so that they can make full use of their individual and professional potential and thus fulfil their duties within the organisation more effectively.

We offer practical assistance to help you to resolve any difficult situations and to reach your demanding goals, thanks to our customised support which is perfectly adapted to the particular problems and issues at hand.

We offer 3 types of Professional Coaching services:

Individual Coaching

Our goal is to help employees develop innovative solutions and adopt work habits that align with their company’s situation and objectives.

Group Coaching

With this approach, a group of employees share their challenges and resources in order to develop and implement individual and/or collective solutions based around a common goal of improving the overall functioning of the company.

Team Coaching

This approach involves a team co-constructing and sharing a common strategy and tactics in order to reach a defined and quantifiable objective (growth of a business team’s revenue, development of a product by a project team, etc.).

Our Professional Coaching relies on a process that is centred on achieving your business objectives. It is intended to assist our clients with finding their own solutions.

Our methodology is based around encouraging and efficiently guiding a company’s employees/teams so that they themselves can determine their own appropriate solutions for attaining the objectives that their superiors have set for them, and so come out of this experience stronger, more fulfilled and more motivated than ever.

In other words, those benefiting from our guidance are lead to discover the talents that they already possess, so that they can be better put to use by the organisations that employ them and that have recruited our coaching services.

We consider the following points to be of crucial importance:

  • It is essential to note that those benefiting from our Professional Coaching services are key agents in this process and that that they do not give up any of their professional duties during our work with them.
  • Coaching is not something that can be forced upon you. Our clients are always the most important players in this process, and their collaboration is absolutely essential to achieve results.
  • Coaching relies on the base qualities that a participant already possesses. In no way should it be considered a way for them to avoid dealing with their responsibilities. To the contrary, coaching optimises their skills so that they can fully and autonomously fulfil their job expectations.

1. Who can take advantage of the LBE® agency’s Professional Coaching services ?

Our Professional Coaching services are offered to both Businesses and Public Bodies.

Professional Coaching is provided to those employees who are key players in your organisation, at a given moment during its development or evolution.

2. When should I seek the LBE® agency’s Professional Coaching services ?

The LBE® agency’s Professional Coaching assists employees in key position to adopt good work habits when faced with particular situations.

As such, a business or public body can rely on our Professional Coaching services for various reasons, issues, situations and problems. Here are just a few examples:

Examples of Individual Coaching

  • Helping managers to develop their leadership skills
  • Helping executives to improve their managerial practices
  • Guidance for a new manager starting a difficult job or during organisational changes
  • Expanding an employee’s skills base
  • Improving an employee’s potential for development
  • Assisting a manager with coordinating a large, multi-disciplinary team
  • Helping managers to move beyond the various obstacles in their way (difficulty with decision-making, public speaking, stress management, delegating tasks, etc.)

Examples of Group Coaching or Team Coaching

  • Improving upon a team’s operations and their internal and external collaborations (suppliers, contractors, partners, etc.)
  • Improving the communication methods used by employees, both internally and externally
  • Helping executives to develop a new vision and to share this combined vision with a united voice
  • Developing a team’s collective performance
  • Improving group performance and team spirit, with everyone sharing a common vision
  • Guidance with changes taking place at the social, organisational and managerial levels
  • Mediation to help resolve interpersonal conflicts

Our list of services is very diverse, and reflects the actual diversity of the situations and problems that the managers of different businesses and public bodies have to face.

3. How exactly do you provide your Professional Coaching services ?

To ensure the success of our Professional Coaching services, we work within the framework of a coaching contract that is painstakingly established between the different players. This includes a clearly-defined objective, indicators to assess whether this objective has been reached, the number of sessions and the necessary meeting arrangements which have been organised with the client, an end-of-coaching assessment, and a post-coaching follow-up, if necessary.

Before committing to a contract, we offer our clients a free exploratory interview.

This free interview allows our future coaching clients to take the time necessary to openly and honestly discuss matters with their coach. The coach is there to actively listen and to gain a complete understanding of the issues at hand.

This free interview also lets our clients determine if there is a good connection between them and the coach. This is crucial for our coaching services to be successful.

Finally, we clearly explain to both the employee and the employer contracting our services our Code of Ethics (which will also be annexed to our service contract).

At the conclusion of this exploratory interview, the LBE® agency establishes a coaching proposal (diagnosis of the situation, coaching goals, schedule) and a detailed estimate for our services.

The coaching proposal forms the basis for preparing our coaching service contract.

It will include a description of the meeting arrangements that the client has opted for during the exploratory interview:

  • Choice between in-person meetings, video-conferencing or telephone meetings, or a combination thereof
  • Length of the sessions : 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 and ½ hours or 2 hours
  • Number of sessions
  • The date and time of each session
  • The location of the session, if it is in-person
  • How the client should reach the coach, if it is a video-conference or telephone meeting

To make using our services as convenient as possible, our clients have the option of combining these different communication methods in order to accommodate their schedules, time constraints, transportation requirements and other organisational matters.

Each coaching session follows an agenda that is defined by mutual agreement between the client and the coach. This may be adapted according to the actual progress made.

The coaching proposal will also include the following important elements:

  • A precise description of the desired objective (what, when, who, how
  • A schedule outlining all the coaching sessions, including the target date for reaching the final objective and the date of the final assessment
  • Precise methods for evaluating whether the final objective and related sub-objectives have been reached

Obviously, for the peace of mind and comfort of our clients (service contractors and coaching participants), we allow them time to reflect on our offer before they are asked to approve the coaching proposal and our estimate.

Once the service contract has been signed, our coaching work can begin.

4. Can individual employees choose to seek our Professional Coaching Services on their own ?

Typically, employers, managers, directors or a company’s human resources department contract the LBE® agency’s Professional Coaching services on behalf of their employees in order to resolve a problem, improve the current work situation or facilitate/accelerate attaining one of the company’s important objectives.

Nonetheless, nothing prohibits an employee who wishes to make use of our services (within a professional framework) from contacting us directly.

After a free interview or telephone conversation, we can provide the employee with all the necessary information for them to present to their superiors.

If an employee wishes to contract our coaching services for a professional matter but does not want their employer involved in any way, we would invite this employee to seek our Career Coaching service, which is exclusively reserved for individuals. Our Code of Ethics also stipulates that we guarantee absolute confidentiality for our clients.

5. What different meeting arrangements are available for your Professional Coaching services ?

An employee benefiting from our Individual Coaching service can take advantage of very flexible meeting arrangements, which helps to minimise any time or transportation issues, thanks to the range of choices we offer:

  • In-Person Coaching (at a location prearranged by both parties
  • Coaching via Videoconference*
  • Coaching via Telephone*

* Available only for our Individual Coaching service. Not applicable for Group or Team Coaching.

Further, in order to ensure that our coaching services completely adapt to the organisational constraints of our clients, it is also possible to combine these different communication methods so that they correspond perfectly with your schedule and make seeking our services as convenient as possible.

The details of the arrangements for each of the coaching sessions coordinated are described within the “Coaching Proposal” and “Coaching Contract” documents (see Question 3)

6. What are your fees ?

Our fees for our Professional Coaching services vary according to the scope of the applicable employee’s responsibilities, the type of guidance required, and the size of the organisation contracting our services.

We invite you to contact us to arrange a meeting consisting of a free exploratory interview, after which time we will be in a position to deliver you two documents: our coaching proposal as well as a customised, detailed estimate of our fees.

7. Do you charge for the initial interview ?

No, the first interview, which allows the LBE® agency to “explore” the situation with the employee who will be receiving our coaching services as well as the employer contracting them, is free of charge.

8. Are your services available outside of France ?

Of course !

We are happy to guide you towards success in your projects no matter where you are, regardless of the country or city that you call home or the language that you speak.

In fact, the LBE® agency is proud to work at an international level.

We are open to all the world’s cultures and are happy to come to you in order to work with you towards your success.

Do not hesitate from contacting us to further discuss the services we offer.

If you have other questions about our Professional Coaching services, please feel free to contact us !